with Ken Ramirez, Kay Laurence, Alexandra Kurland

sailing February 18 - March 3

Company on a Cruise 

Day trips

Imagine this, you are sitting in a lounge of a cruise ship on your way to Antarctica. Sitting with you are Ken, Kay and Alex. You are surrounded by people who share your passion. You can talk about animal training to your heart’s delight. 

This is not your normal conference. No stuffy ballrooms, no formal meeting venues, instead we will gather informally on a veranda, a deck, or restaurant - sip coffee, talk training, and answer questions. It will be like no other event, on the one hand informal, but on the other hand full of opportunities to talk, ask questions, and learn.


Wonderful opportunities to explore the wildlife of southern oceans with organised shore excursions. We sail from Buenos Aires, stop at Ushuaya, Argentina, cruise around Cape Horn, Schollart Channel, Paradise Bay, Gerlache Straight, Elephant Island, Antarctica.

Stop Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, Puerto Madryn, Argentina,  Montevideo, Uruguay and return to Buenos Aires.

What will your day look like ?

Days at Sea

We’ll be using powerpoint, training games, and a variety of demos. But most of all we'll be using your questions to guide us. We will be on two very exciting journeys. While the ship transports us from South America to Antarctica, many conversations will be taking us on another voyage of discovery. When the three of us give presentations on our own, we know where the material is taking us. But when we throw into the mix the contributions from the other presenters, plus your questions, the possibility for new ways of thinking emerge.

This will be our third cruise with Celebrity. Already we have sailed the Caribbean and Alaska. We have learned our way around the ship and individually enjoy different aspects of cruising. Alex enjoys the sensation of “riding” the waves, Ken enjoys evening theatre, Kay the wide open spaces and luxury cabins.

Much to explore and choose from with cruise life - you find what you like, and skip around what you don’t. The ship provided quiet spaces and noisy spaces and we all develop an affection for our ship.

You’ll begin with a leisurely breakfast of your choice,  sitting out on the veranda of one of the many restaurants on the ship. Sitting with you will be other members of the group. Already you are deep in conversation, sharing stories about your own animals and exchanging training ideas. After breakfast we’ll all meet up and plan our day of discussions and learning.


Book your Cruise

Bring a friend, bring a partner, bring a family. Over 14 days you will have plenty of time to share the cruise pleasures, either with family or friends.

You will book your cruise and cabin direct with Celebrity at a level to suit. You can share with friends, or meet new friends.

Separately you book your experience with us, join us when it suits, for our topics, activities and discussions.

It’s a cruise!
It’s an adventure.
It’s meeting new lifetime friends.